Our main aim at fluide is to encourage Berlin folks to have more control over their own sexual health. How? By providing them with information about local sexual healthcare. fluide is an online platform aiming to provide a better overview of sexual healthcare services in Berlin. What started as MA Gender Studies thesis research of Anna Wim, a queer sex educator and visual artist, the project developed into a database of STI testing centers, with all necessary information in one place. To simplify and visualize everything, fluide uses a variety of filters to find everyone’s perfect fit.  Sure, you can go on Google and just type in “STI test Berlin,” but unfortunately, many sexual healthcare centers’ websites lack information like which specific tests/treatments they offer, what their target group is, which languages they speak or what the accessibility of the center is. That makes the process of finding where and how to get tested gets much more complicated for people, especially those who are new to Berlin or might not be part of specific communities.

And that’s why fluide is here – to provide a comprehensive list of all the centers there are in Berlin and to gather all the information you would spend hours researching online and via phone calls, in one place. Therefore, all the info presented here has already been researched, confirmed, and recorded for the website.

You can easily filter your preferences with information like: location, opening times, languages spoken, tests and treatment offered, how the tests are done (e.g. can you do the swabs yourself or will you have to show your genitals to the doctor), whether insurance is required, what’s the accessibility of the space, and such.

The project is created in collaboration with Critical Queer Solidarity Berlin. We are a team of mainly Berlin-based queer people who have first hand experience with struggling to navigate the sexual healthcare scene here, and we’re really excited to be working on this platform together!

fluide (pronounced as “fluid”)

Our sexuality, gender, and even health is fluid. Fluids and fluidity are an overarching theme when it comes to sexual health – an STI can be transmitted with a single drop of bodily fluids, and can only be discovered and treated if a sample of (other) bodily fluids is tested. Thanks to the advances in modern medicine, most STIs can be cured quickly and easily, allowing for your sexual health to fluidely change.

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